Sunday, April 18, 2010

My fun Texas Hold'em poker play diary

User TodSamay
April, 2010


Play Money: $5,000
Tables: 2p-$10/$20; 9p-$5/$10
Time: 02:30
Balance: $594,134.56
Profit: $28,005.00

Play Money: $5,000
Tables: 4p-$10/$20; 6p-$5/$10
Time: 03:00
Balance: $616,159.06 (reached $600k!)
Profit: $22,024.50
Was tough in the beginning. Almost lost the day budget. Pre-flop went well with high pairs. Had several strong flushes and straights. Hidden pair works perfect as usual for easy play, had few strong hidden full-houses.

Play Money: $1,000
Tables: 6p-$5/$10
Time: 02:00
Balance: $638,617.31
Profit: $22,458.25
After all a good day. Started well, used only $1000 budget. Was tired after beach. Made few stupid moves, but then got all lost back. Most plays were pre-flop with high bets.

Play Money: $25,500 (went BIG today!)
Tables: 2p-$25/$50; 4p-$5/$10; 6p-$10/$20; 9p-$5/$10
Time: 03:30
Balance: $678,024.81
Profit: $39,407.50
Good and interesting day. Played several different tables, several different macro-strategies. Had a tough play on one-on-one table with some "raiser". Have lost $12,000, then cracked his head, returned all losts back and won $6,000.

Play Money: $13,200
Tables: 2p-$5/$10; 2p-$10/$20; 9p-$5/$10
Time: 02:30
Balance: $684,634.81
Profit: $6,610.00
Hard day. Almost lost... Well, almost.

Play Money: ---
Tables: 6p-$10/$20; 9p-$5/$10
Time: 01:30
Balance: $662,497.31
Profit: -$22,137.50
Not my day. Lost over $22,000.Raisers pre-flop, cards were against me today.

Play Money: $9,000
Tables: 9p-$5/$10; 2p-$5/$10; 6p-$5/$10
Time: 02:30
Balance: $712,871.16 (over $700k!)
Profit: $50,373.85
Comments: I am back on track! Have covered all yesterday's bad loses. Even broke $700k level.

Play Money: $3,000
Tables: 6p-$10/$20
Time: 02:30
Balance: $735,422.66
Profit: $22,551.50
Comments: Simply good day. Had some loses in the entrance but then learned players and began to win just hand after hand.

Play Money: $10,000
Tables: 2p-$25/$50
Time: 02:30
Balance: $770,018.88
Profit: $34,596.22
Comments: Good day on one-on-one table. Had good but tough games with two players, won though. Other ten have won easily. Need more practice in learning player's strategies. Did few stupid calls although knew that had worse hands. Lost in another free-roll tournament. Need better tournament macro-strategy plan.

Play Money: $20,000
Tables: 6p-$10/$20
Time: 02:00
Balance: $772,713.88
Profit: $2,695.22
Comments: Dramatic day. Lost $20,000 then had to work hard to get them back.

Play Money: $10,000
Tables: 6p-$10/$20, 2p-$10/$20, 2p-$25/$50
Time: 02:30
Balance: $801,203.35 (broke $800k!!!)
Profit: $28,489.47
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I won my first freeroll tournament

Just happened today.
It is my first successful tournament play experience.

Online Texas Hold`em No-Limit "Poker2nite Qual Holdem" on the web site.

Yes, it is not yet a World Tournament, but it is my first Victory.

I have entered into the list of bests 100 out of 1791 players and have been awarded entry to the next higher rank tournament.

I didn't use THCalc while playing. But must admit that working hard on THCalc application, developing the algorithm, testing and optimizing it, doing all these definitely improved my poker understanding and overall play.

Cool feelings.

THCalc on HTC Hero and Apple's iPod

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

News: THC goes iPhone!!!

International Language Machines Ltd. together with Androphic releases latest version of THCalc (Texas Hold`em Poker Calculator) available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple's newest device - the iPad.

This is the iPhone brother of android THC application.

Could be found here:

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

THC v2.1.01 is released

I have released THC v2.1.01!

Amazing improvement in this version. Now THC is capable of calculating Hole Cards Ranks. Very accurate calculation. You will be amazed to see how things are changing when number of players is changing! Must say although I am the author of THC, today it seriously surprised me. Hole Cards Ranks are changing and it depends on many factors. And most important one is the Number of Players! 9-players game is not just about lower winning chances comparing to 2-players game. It is also about real change in values of your pocket cards. It is a different game! I am playing poker for some number of years and truly I didn't know how important this thing could be. For example, strength of your cards to be of the same suit is dramatically increasing when more people are joining the table. I've read some books about poker and many articles on internet but I did found any explanation of such phenomena. The only thing I have mentioned was that different sources are ranking hole cards differently and I didn't know why. Now I know.

Now You can use THC to know better the real strength of our Hole Cards :-)

THC (Texas Hold'em Calculator) is available on Android Market.
Descriptions could be found here:

Good Luck! ( but check it with THC first :-) )

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Got Android? Got Texas Hold'em Poker Calculator too

Androphic releases its latest version THC available on android market.

This application calculates your wining probabilities based on cards entered in and number of players. Wining probability summing pure wins and ties probabilities, also shown on the screen. It tells also if your WP is increasing or decreasing and how many of your pocket cards are used for your best hand.
It also advices "FOLD", "CALL", "RAISE". Advices are taken according to the calculation results and thresholds statistically collected, analyzed and carefully selected for practically best play. If advice is "FOLD" - calculator changes it's color to red, if "RAISE" - to green.
Gives extremely accurate results and specially optimized for Android Mobile devices. Works in portrait and landscape mode.
It is very good instrument for new and professional poker players.

How to?
To perform calculations you have to enter your cards and number of players. Buttons "p+" and "p-" increment and decrement number of players. To enter the card first press right card button ("2" to "A"), then chose the suit ("Spades" to "clubs"). After filling your hole, flop, turn or river just press "Enter" and get the calculation results. "CLR" button cleans the input. "C/Off" button resets the calculation. Long press on "C/Off" also turns calculator off. "Autoenter" check box if set allows automatic calculation to be performed after each card typed in.

That is basically it. To get the THC calculator on your Android phone go to the market and search for "THC".

Good luck!